Music, sound effects, voice acting director & recording for a squad based multiplayer FPS set in the first world war. Currently available on steam. 







Balletic music soundtrack for a whimsical dancing game for two players. Bounden is the result of a very inspiring collaboration between the visionary Game Oven Studios, the passionate and skilled Ernst Meisner (choreographer at the Dutch National Ballet) and me, composing the music of the dances. The full soundtrack contains both an elegant as well as a playful ballet suite, which will hit most stores and music streaming services soon.





Crash Drive 2Crash Drive 2


Music and sounds for a multiplayer online stunt-drive game by M2H. I was responsible for the complete auditive palette ranging from roaring engine sounds to the rock soundtrack that accompanies the game.




As this site is currently under construction, a full credit list will be back soon. Meanwhile you can listen to more of my work by checking the music platforms below.