Kids vs GoblinsMarch 2012

Kids vs Goblins is an action adventure game for the iPad and iPhone. Players take on the role of three children, stranded on an island as they look for their kidnapped baby brother. The kids take on the twisted goblins, using a set of magical spells. Apart from the game, the soundtrack is also available at the iTunes store,, Spotify. The soundtrack was nominated in the "Best Soundtrack" category of the Dutch Game Awards 2012


The Jelly ReefDecember 2010

The Jelly Reef is a Microsoft Surface Table. The goal is to guide jellyfish through obstacles by swiping currents in the water. I wrote the thematical music for the three worlds in the game. This is the music for "Nemo" World.

View The Jelly Reef's gameplay trailer


Vogels!June 2010

"Vogels!" is a rehabilitation game that helps patients that suffered from hemiplegia recover. Using a gravity-compensating supportive arm they guide a bird through several landscapes. The Goal of my music was to enhance the immersive experience of the elderly players.

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KamalJuly 2009

Created in a week by a group of students at the Dutch Game Garden GameJam, Kamal is an Ancient Egyptian platformer in which players must move both the hero and the world to progress. I was asked to write the music in two days.

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ExpanovaJune 2009

Adaptive Music for a game, aiming at an relaxing experience. It's about three elements that should be equally balanced. If one element is dominating the other ones, it will be featured by a change in colours and music.

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